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WordPress is the most powerful website design software in the world. It is trusted by over 20% of all websites online. The reason for its popularity is the many robust features allowing you to build just about any website you can imagine. It's flexible enough to be used as a blogging platform, but powerful enough to manage an online store. Did you know that Disney, the New York Times, CNN and other major corporations use WordPress? With the right designers (Rocket HTML), you will have a website that is designed beautifully and is found online. Most importantly, you will be able to manage the website on your own ongoing, we provide you training videos on how....

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Mobile Sites

So what exactly is a mobile website? Is it something that you absolutely need?

The short answer is.... you bet it is.


You have to remember that over 50% of users are using mobile devices today. Google released a report for the first quarter of 2016 that shows mobile traffic is up over 150%. That means that more people are surfing online for mobile content and websites than ever before. They are using phones, iPads and Android Devices and are searching for businesses just like yours.

Here's a major secret: if your website is not mobile and not responsive, [responds to the device being held], Google will list a competitor's website in first position in the results before your website.  What's more, customers spend more using mobile devices than desktops and get a lower bounce rate [people leaving your website], than you would with a desktop website.

All of our websites, when they are launched, are mobile.

We make sure that your website is fully Mobile and "Responsive".


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Google

We build websites that gets found online. It is best that you integrate search engine optimization during the building of the website, not just after the website is done.

We make sure that as we design and create the website, your search engine optimization is built-in.  The moment we turn your website on, you are ready for Google to crawl. We give your website a direct connection to Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools. This gives you data on how your website is found, what pages your customers are landing on, and tracks conversions all the way through your website.

Google AdWords and Pay Per Click

AdWords is Pay per click advertising. Do a search on Google, you'll notice that there are three spots reserved at the very top of the search engine results that show paid ads. You may also notice that these ads also run down the right side of the Google page results. Advertisers bid for positioning on a particular search term, this allows their businesses to be displayed based on highly targeted results such as; demographics, location targeting, device targeting, language targeting etc. Advertisers can create effective ads reaching customers with maximum relevance for their search terms. It's important to know that this type of advertising allows you to set budgets anywhere from $5 a day to $1000's depending on your budget.

We make sure that your ads are highly relevant and target your customers directly. We ensure that your bids for ads result in conversions through landing pages and Google analytics.

We will help you get the most of your Google AdWords campaign. Call us for a free consultation.


eCommerce WordPress Websites

We can help you build a powerful online shopping cart using WordPress and the simple to use WooCommerce.  Millions of websites online are now using WooCommerce to sell products and services directly from their website. WooCommerce comes with many free plugins to enhance your shopping cart. It's the easy way to build an online store. We build it and show you how to manage the cart ongoing...

WordPress Website Management & Updates

Do you not have time to manage your website? Do you need professional WordPress updates and plug-in management? Rocket HTML offers monthly no contract WordPress management ongoing, to include all updates to the website such as: content, images, search engine optimization, plug-in management, security updates to WordPress and cloud hosting services. This gives you the freedom to create wonderful things while we handle the website, hosting and all security updates.

Even if we have not built your website, we can manage your WordPress site ongoing. Call us for a free consultation.

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