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Daniel S. Walnut Creek CA

As the owner of a retail business in the SF Bay Area in Walnut Creek, I depend on my website and web marketing to bring customers into my store.  I used to spend over $4000 monthly on Yellow Page advertising. With the help of Michael and his company I have eliminated Yellow Page advertising all together and saved thousands of dollars.  Mike provides a combination of artistic and technical expertise that keeps our website relevant and visually appealing.  When I have a problem, Mike is quick to respond.  I would recommend Michael to anyone looking to grow their business through their website and web marketing.

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A quote from Niko S. Boston, MA  

Mike is awesome.  We've been through several web builders while building our business and Mike is the last one, because he hands-down completely and totally nailed it - we don't need it redone!   He also stayed on board to help with those last little tweaks that you inevitably realize you want changed, and has been incredibly responsive.  Mike is an asset to your business.  I really could not recommend anyone more highly.


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Kristen M. Carlsbad, CA

Michael is a ROCKSTAR!!! When I finally got to Michael of Rocket HTML, I had just finished a lengthy process of designing a brand new website with another developer. Unfortunately it wasn't even close to what I needed to grow my business.  I had spent months, countless hours, and money investing in what I thought I needed only to be disappointed. I was apprehensive to start the design process over with someone else but Michael put those fears to rest after hearing how knowledgeable and caring he is. Michael helped me take baby steps during our redesign process and never pushed me outside my comfort zone. If you are looking for someone who is honest, knowledgeable, and someone who legitimately cares about you and your business, look no further. Michael and the Rocket HTML team do incredible work and you won't find anyone better.

hs abundant life

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Pastor Patrick Weaver   

The service, knowledge and professionalism at Rocket HTML is incredible.  Whether you are a skilled web site builder or a novice, Rocket HTML is an asset that you can't beat. Michael is an awesome support, design and technology resource that will make building, maintaining or just managing your web site simple and worry free.  From start to finish, Michael and the Rocket HTML team has provided world class service, on time and on budget delivery, outstanding results, and invaluable insight that has resulted in the biggest bang for our buck -- to say the least.  After you've tried others, or wished you hadn't, contact Rocket HTML and you won't be disappointed.

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Amy C. Charlestown, MA

This should sum up how much I LOVE the service I received from Mike and his team: I finally signed up for Yelp in order to give Mike this glowing review! Mike helped me from day one (my little really not great self-made website) to today's brand new and extremely polished site (and yes, I asked him for help again tonight, months after our project was completed). He could not be more adept, kind and committed to making my new fancy-pants website (really, it is, you should see it) come to life. He knew what I wanted and helped even on the creative side, giving me a new design - a whole new look, feel and "personality" that fits my product and message to the world. He knows WordPress, I don't, so I can't possibly tell you all the great things he did behind the scenes to make my site come to life, but I can tell you that he was always (seriously, every day) available to answer my ten zillion questions and train me on the umpteen widgets that make my site so awesome. Hire Mike and you''ll feel, like me, that the wordpress website gods smiled upon you - it's a scary world out there on the interwebs without him!


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Mary G. Walnut Creek, CA

If you want the best personalized service...this is the business for you.  Though I am skilled in many areas, website building is not one of them.  Michael stepped right up to quickly build my site and continues to support my business journey. What makes him so unique is that he cares - he really cares. He is great at teaching you how to support your own site, at knowing when something might need to be added, but most of all, he will be a great support to your online journey.

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Chuck Petrovich, Lake Arrowhead, CA

I would like to commend Beth and Mike for the outstanding job they both did on my website. They were very patient with my questions and eager to help in every way. They knew what I wanted and could put my thoughts into action and I was highly pleased with the results. Beth and Mike were very committed to making sure I had the best website possible and are very knowledgeable and caring. Their customer service is the best I have ever encountered and I recommend them without hesitation.

hs melissa

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A quote from Melissa G.  San Diego, CA

Highly recommend Mike for anyone looking to build their website! Mike is hands on, extremely personable and friendly, responsive, and he knows his stuff!  Mike was able to help our company launch a sleek new website that has significantly enhanced our business SEO.  Mike is also very honest and will provide suggested feedback and enhancements when necessary.  Mike gets my recommendation for anyone looking to build and enhance their website.

hs earthquake

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A quote from Aidan L, San Francisco CA

I had been working with another Website Design company and I was frustrated because I didn't feel they really cared about my product and it was all about numbers and business for them. I was so lucky that I was able to stumble upon Michael because as soon as I spoke to him for ten minutes I was convinced this guy cared and the fact that he was a family man I knew he would be 120% on top of his responsibilities to his clients. And boy was I right... my site last month had 1065 visits and we are growing day by day. I have now started referring Michael to many of my friend's and they all call me to thank me for giving them Michael's number... all I can say. Michael is a no brainer... The Best there is...

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