Yes it is free. During the Coronavirus Pandemic, we are doing our part to help businesses and individuals get back on their feet and stay in business. We do all the upfront work, website design, marketing and the setup for 5 pages using our Rocket HTML Developed WordPress Theme and 10 products using Woocommerce.

This Coronavirus has changed life in America forever. We’re currently in the middle of one of the harshest unemployment reports this country has seen since the great depression. It’s time to take what you know and put it online. If you have a new idea, if you have a service, if you have lost your job and need to supplement your income, then you must get online.

Thankfully, the Coronavirus seems to be slowing down a bit but, it will be a while for our country to get back to a little bit of normalcy, and the jobs market will still be crushed. If there’s anything I can advise my fellow Americans, supplement your income and launch a website what you know.

Take you idea or service online.

Because of this, we are now offering free website design, set up and your first month Hosting. This gives you 30 days to have a website built, a shopping cart assembled, and at least you can start testing out your ideas and starting your own business online.

All of us, including everyone here at Rocket HTML are feeling the impact of the Coronavirus. Our resources however allow us to give other people an opportunity and we are happy to help you. We will go back to normal pricing when this Coronavirus epidemic is over. For now though, we’re here to help.

You’ll need to sign up here. We currently can do about 20 websites per day and as of today the April 10th we have in queue for 13 sites. When you sign up we will store your place in line. It usually takes 24 hours for us to begin your project. We’re extending this offer to anyone that lost their job to the Coronavirus, Veterans, First Responders and awesome idea people! Are you one of these? Let’s get your bright ideas online with no upfront costs whatsoever. We have you covered.

Everyone here at Rocket HTML wishes you a safe but prosperous next few months with unexpected possibilities for any idea you can dream up.

Be safe, Michael, Rocket HTML