Design Your Own Website

Building a Website

Building a Website 1

Building a New Website Fast is Fun – Building Smart is Better! It is within the planning and concept of a new website, that we begin thinking about what your customers are looking for.  Know your customer, search and define their needs, and you will in turn define your marketing plan.  Converting your perspective clients…

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Why WordPress For Business

Why WordPress For Business 2

Why Should I Use WordPress For My Website? We give you Tips and strategies and make a good argument for WordPress for Business A WordPress website, created by our Web Design Team, can be as big as you want it to be, from a simple blog to large website with a number of complex features including eCommerce.…

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Updating – Adding Pages to Website Menu

Updating - Adding Pages to Website Menu 4

When our Web Design Team created your WordPress website, we also created a custom menu for all of your existing pages.  However, over time, you have added additional pages, or possibly deleted existing pages.  How do you get your menu to be correct? As is usual for WordPress, there are numerous tutorials on creating and updating…

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