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I had spent months, countless hours, and money investing in what I thought I needed only to be disappointed. I was apprehensive to start the design process over with someone else but Michael put those fears to rest after hearing how knowledgeable and caring he is. Michael helped me take baby steps during our redesign process and never pushed me outside my comfort zone. If you are looking for someone who is honest, knowledgeable, and someone who legitimately cares about you and your business, look no further. Michael and the Rocket HTML team do incredible work and you won't find anyone better.

Kristen M. Carlsbad, CA - Rare Bird Brides

I finally signed up for Yelp in order to give Rocket HTML this glowing review! Mike helped me from day one (my little really not great self-made website) to today's brand new and extremely polished site (and yes, I asked him for help again tonight, months after our project was completed). He could not be more adept and helped even on the creative side, giving me a new design - a whole new look, feel and "personality" that fits my product and message to the world. They knows Wordpress, hire Rocket HTML, you will thank me for it.

Amy Carrier, Empowermentthrougheducation.com

As the owner of a retail business in the SF Bay Area, I depend on my website and web marketing to bring customers into my store.  I used to spend over $4000 monthly on Yellow Page advertising. WIth the help of Michael and his company I have eliminated Yellow Page advertising all together and saved thousands of dollars.  Mike provides a combination of artistic and technical expertise that keeps our website relevant and visually appealing.  When I have a problem, Mike is quick to respond.  I would recommend Michael to anyone looking to grow their business through their website and web marketing.

Daniel Schoenberg - Sewingmachineshop.com
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